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Thayne Covert '23


About Me

Hello, my name is Thayne Covert. I am a mechanical engineering student minoring in innovation and will be graduating in Spring, 2023. During my time at the University of Portland (UP), I have studied engineering abroad in Austria, interned with the US Army Corps of Engineers for almost a year, and have led the UP-Robotics Team as president for two years as they participated in the NASA Lunabotics competition. I chose to join the Grand Challenge Scholars Program to make my experience at UP more well-rounded, while also gaining an opportunity to reflect upon my academic career. Within the program, I chose to focus on the challenge of “Engineering the Tools for Scientific Discovery”, as this challenge aligns well with my personal goals to develop cutting edge technologies that help solve major problems facing the world today such as climate change. As a Grand Challenge Scholar, I have become much more confident and prepared as I transition to post graduate life.

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