Shiley Hall

The LEED® Platinum certified Shiley Hall is home to the Shiley School of Engineering. 

Maker Space

The Maker Space, known as the "Pilot Space," is an innovative space designed for students to independently design, prototype, and manufacture their creations. While the Maker Space is critical to students in engineering, math, science and technology (STEM), the new lab is available to students in all disciplines at the University.  


Shiley Hall has an open computer lab and two computer classrooms.

Student Study Areas

The two-story Vollum Study Room is accessed from the atrium with seating for socializing and studying, and a view of Forest Park across the Willamette River. Both floors of the Vollum Study Center are equipped with wireless internet.


Shiley Hall has 17,000 square feet dedicated to labs to support classroom education as well as individual student work. 

Machine, Metals & Wood Shop

Facilities include a wood shop, a metals shop, and a machine shop to support faculty and student projects. Equipment includes CNC mills, 3D printing, band saws, welding machines, drill presses, soldering irons, and much more!

Photovoltaic System

The grid-tied photovoltaic system on the roof of Shiley Hall produces 5,000-6,000 kWh of electricity per year. Thank you to our donors: Paul and Deborah Speer, James Male, Gary and Rosaline Fleming, and Karsten Zuendel.

  • Aerial photo of Shiley Hall
    Donald P. Shiley Hall
  • Environmental Lab
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  • Circuits Lab
    Open Labs
  • Vollum Study Room
    Student Study Areas


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