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Transfer Students

We welcome transfer students from other four-year institutions as well as community colleges!  We welcome students transferring into Shiley from other academic units at UP.  The same criteria apply to internal and external transfer students.

External Transfer students should visit the admissions page for transfers for the general guidelines. Students seeking admission into engineering and computer science programs are expected to meet the additional criteria:

  • Good academic standing at the institution or internal college/school most recently attended
  • Successfully completed one semester (or two quarters) of calculus.

The University of Portland regulations regarding transfer students is available here.  On this page, you will see that the University of Portland only accepts transfer credits for courses with a grade of C or above.

Meeting the criteria does not guarantee admission and does not guarantee that an admitted student will graduate in a certain length of time.

The Associate Dean should be consulted for any applicant who presents a strong application but does not meet the minimum standards described above.

Transfer students are strongly advised to meet with an Academic Program Counselor in the Shiley School of Engineering before transferring to determine the expected time to complete the degree.


Rebecca Neal, Academic Program Counselor
Phone 503.943.7612

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