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Inspiring Engineering Leaders of the Future


The Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering prepares innovative professionals with the technical excellence, social integrity, environmental consciousness, and leadership traits essential to identify and solve the world's problems.


To provide the best possible education to its students, thus enabling the students to become competent practicing engineers and computer scientists. The programs also provide a base for both graduate study and lifelong learning in support of evolving career objectives. These objectives include being informed, effective, and responsible participants in the engineering profession and society. The School endeavors to develop qualities that are essential for the practice of engineering and beneficial service to the community. These qualities include a knowledge of engineering principles, the ability to apply those principles to solve problems, and the development of professional, personal, and social values.

mission-image"Find the gift God gave you. Sharpen, hone, and train it. And, then go use it. Go!"

- Donald P. Shiley '51