Sponsor Requirements

  • Identify a Project & high-level project description – sponsors work with Shiley faculty and Shiley Project HUB staff to make sure the scope of the project matches the students’ capabilities and timeline
  • Assign a Project Liaison to the project who is excited to work with students and can provide technical guidance on the project’s requirements. The sponsor liaison would spend approximately 1 hour per week for the duration of the project to meet with students, answer questions by email and/or review project deliverables
  • Plan your internal budget to include the sponsorship fee, which is due August 31 of the year when the project starts. The sponsorship fee goes to cover the cost of materials, travel expenses, faculty stipends and other logistics that support the overall capstone program
  • Sign a Master Project Agreement outlining the relationship between the University of Portland and the sponsor. Master Agreements only need to be signed once and then continue in perpetuity. Exhibits are signed each year to document the specific project, the student release of IP and the faculty release of IP (note that all IP for HUB projects belongs to the sponsor)
  • Provide feedback to the Shiley Project HUB staff to allow us to continue to improve
  • Attend the Winter Poster Showcase in early December and the Final Shiley Showcase in late April

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