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Sponsor a Project

The Shiley Project HUB, a new center within the Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering, matches students to capstone projects to meet Shiley’s goal of engineering for impact.

The HUB provides projects for undergraduate students in civil engineeringcomputer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering and for graduate students in biomedical engineering

Student teams spend up to 1000 hours working on their projects providing solutions for real world challenges. Teams are guided by a capstone instructor and a faculty advisor with expertise related to the project’s requirements. Capstone projects represent the intersection of students’ academic learning and their future careers in engineering. 

Inquiries can be emailed to Lisa Bassett.

Featured Projects

photo of professor teaching student

BIOTRONIK anatomical heart device project

This partnership with BIOTRONIK has led to biomedical engineering graduate students Lexi Hartman ’19, Evan Fontaine ’19, and Jacob Giusti ’19 developing an anatomical model of the right ventricle and atria of a human heart.

Learn more about the BIOTRONIK project

photo of professor teaching student

The Nature Conservancy project

Five students, led by professor Cara Poor, are teaming up with The Nature Conservancy, an international nonprofit with a local office in Oregon, to study solutions for the group as part of the senior capstone design project.

Learn more about The Nature Conservancy project

female student on construction equipment

Hyster-Yale Group forklift steering design project

Hyster-Yale Group design engineer Jimmy Anderson ’14 is working with mechanical engineering students to develop an alternative steering design for forklifts. The team hopes to create a smaller and less obtrusive steering wheel.

Learn more about the Hyster-Yale Group project

Students working on computer outside

Tektronix geolocation project

Three electrical engineering students have teamed with Tektronix for their senior design project. The team is working to locate a transmitter near the University’s campus using Tektronix RSA500 devices.

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OHSU clinical innovations project

Every year a team of biomedical engineering graduate students will be tasked with developing an innovative, clinically relevant product. Working closely with OHSU to identify a clinical need, the students’ goal will be to produce a working prototype which can then be clinically tested.

Learn more about the OHSU project

Professor and students working on project

Global Emancipation Network coding project

Computer science students Melanie Martinell ’18, Michelle Lau ’18, and Nick Accuardi ’18 connected with GEN for their senior capstone project. The team created an international online directory of anti-trafficking service providers.

Learn more about the Global Emancipation Network project