Transfer Students

We welcome transfer students from other four-year institutions as well as community colleges!

Note that transfer students from community colleges are not required to complete a course of study before entering the University of Portland. However, students from engineering & computer science transfer programs can generally complete the BS degree requirements with no loss of time. Students from other degree programs will take longer and each situation needs to be carefully evaluated. Because of the increased demand for the BS in computer science and mechanical engineering, as well as the desire to keep a low student-to-faculty ratio for quality instruction, transfers to the computer science and mechanical engineering programs are limited at this time.

Anyone who is considering a transfer to the Shiley School is strongly urged to consult with both their community college advisor and our academic program counselor as early in the process as possible.

For more information, please contact:

Lindsay Chelton, Academic Program Counselor
Phone: 503.943.7180
Email us



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