Engineering Courses with an International Component

EGR 380 – Medical Instrument Repair in the Developing World

Students learn about medical devices and the culture of a developing country. Through hands-on classwork, they learn basic electronic skills and troubleshooting techniques. The class culminates in a three-week trip where students put their skills and knowledge into action. Students stay with local families and work in two different hospitals repairing medical devices. Repaired instruments may include microscopes, patient beds, nebulizers, incubators, centrifuges, infant warmers and infusion pumps. Limited need-based financial aid is available

EGR 480 - Global Engineering

Introduction to how to design, make decisions, and communicate effectively in a global technology environment. Students are introduced to globalization with case studies ranging from design to supply chain and logistics problems. Students are required to participate in the international field trip to China or another destination which occurs during the mid-semester break. Limited need-based financial aid is available

Shiley students are not limited to the programs above, but they are the only ones that offer engineering courses. For more programs, please visit the Office of Studies Abroad

Students working in 3rd world country to address water needs

For more information about how an international experience may fit into your curriculum, contact Tyler Ciokiewicz, Academic Program Counselor.