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Bachelor's of Computer Science

The Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering will offer a post-baccalaureate degree titled “Bachelor's of Computer Science” (BCS) starting in 2019-20.

The BCS program enables students who already earned a bachelor's degree to gain a second bachelor's degree in computer science. The goal of the program is to provide a degree to students from diverse academic backgrounds to enter the computer science field. The program will support existing UP undergraduates who may wish to add a second degree in CS, or provide an opportunity for a career change for members of the Portland community.

The BCS degree may serve as an entry point for students from non-CS backgrounds who wish to pursue an advanced degree in the future. 


The BCS Degree requires 31 credits to be completed in either two semesters full-time or extended over several semesters for a working professional. Please note: this program is not ABET accredited.


Fall (16 credits)                  

CS 301/371 (4) Object-Oriented Design and Lab       
CS 333 (3) Computer Architecture
CS 357 (3) Theory of Computation     
CS 376 (1) Unix Tools Lab        
EGR 361 (3) Analysis of Engineering Data 
CS 368 (2) Seminar

Spring (15 credits)         

CS 324 (3) Analysis of Algorithms
CS 334 (3) Operating Systems
CS 341 (3) Software Engineering
CS 352 (3) Programming Languages
CS 4xx Elective or CS 358 (3) Compiler Design


Students must have a Bachelor in Science or Art prior to starting the program, and meet the following prerequisites:

Calculus (with integration) --- prerequisite for EGR 361
Introduction to Computer Science
Data Structures
Discrete Structures

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