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MBME Graduation Requirements

Curriculum includes 27 semester hours of required coursework and 3 semester hours of professional elective coursework as follows:

BME 550 Anatomy & Physiology for Biomedical Engineers
BME 551 Introduction to the Health Care Industry
BME 555 Design of Biomedical Experiments
BME 561 Biomaterials
BME 562 Biomechanics
BME 563 Digital Signal Processing
BME 564 Biomedical Instrumentation & Computer Interfaces
BME 578 Management of Technology for Life Sciences
BME 580 Biomedical Engineering & Society Capstone
Professional Elective

All students must also complete a zero-credit applied internship experience before graduation. Students who have completed any of the core curriculum courses prior to matriculation must complete the equivalent number of semester hours with professional elective coursework.

Professional Electives (include the following courses):

CS 521 Artificial Intelligence
CS 523 Computational Biology
CS 534 Database Management Systems
EE 504 Automatic Control Systems
EE 533 Microprocessor Interfacing and Communications
EE 538 Introduction to Digital VLSI Design
EE 551 Advanced Analog Electronics
EE 564 Real-time Digital Signal Processing
EE 591 Embedded Wireless Systems Design
ME 521 Failure Analysis
ME 522 Composite Materials
ME 543 Systems & Measurements
ME 553 Mechanical Vibrations