I am interested in the program – can I come to campus and learn more about it?

Of course! The Graduate Program Coordinator, Caitlin Cairncross, is available to meet with prospective students. Please email her or call 503.943.7612 to schedule an appointment. In addition, we can make arrangements for students to take a campus tour and/or sit in on a course.

When does the program start?

Each new cohort begins in June and finishes in May. Two courses are taken over the summer session, and many students also complete their zero-credit internship over the first summer. Students who have outstanding prerequisites they need to complete over the summer may be able to start the program in the fall, and finish the following summer.

What is the deadline to apply for the program?

Current University of Portland juniors must apply by January 15th of the junior year. Conditional acceptance decisions will be made by March 15th of the junior year, and a $1000 deposit is due by August 1st prior to senior year to confirm a spot in the program (the deposit can be used towards summer tuition).

Current University of Portland seniors, non-UP students, and professionals must apply by January 15th prior to the intended start date (ie January 15, 2016 for a June 2016 start). Admissions decisions will be made by March 1st, and a $1000 deposit is due by April 15th (the deposit can be used towards summer tuition).

How do my letters of recommendation get submitted?

Contact the Graduate School.

What is the minimum GPA/GRE score required for acceptance?

There is no minimum GPA or GRE score - we take into account all pieces of the application, including work experience, recommendations, and the statement of goals (in addition to GPA and GRE scores). The GPA for accepted students ranges from 2.9-3.9, and the average GPA is 3.42.


Who do I know what prerequisites I still need to take?

A list of prerequisites can be found on the Admissions Requirements page. If you have any questions about which prerequisites you need to complete, please send your transcript to Caitlin Cairncross for review.

I don’t have all the prerequisite courses necessary – can I still apply to the program?

Yes - we conditionally accept students who have outstanding prerequisite requirements. Final acceptance will take place after all prerequisite courses are successfully completed. Students are encouraged to complete prerequisite courses prior to the start of the program in June, but may be able to complete prerequisite courses over the summer and begin the program in the fall.  

Do I need to take prerequisite courses at University of Portland?

Although the prerequisite courses are available at University of Portland (though not all courses are available during the summer session), students may also take prerequisites at other institutions. Not sure if the course you're planning to take counts towards a prerequisite requirement? Contact Caitlin Cairncross for verification of your coursework.

I am taking prerequisite courses over the summer – can I still take the summer BME courses?

Approval to take prerequisite courses and BME courses simultaneously will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Students who don't complete BME 555 and BME 578 over the first summer session will complete them at the end of the program, after spring semester. Internships may also be completed after the spring semester.

Curriculum & Internships

What courses are required for the program?

The program consists of 27 credits of required coursework and 3 credits of elective coursework. A zero credit internship is also required. A list of courses and available electives can be found on the Graduation Requirements page.

What is the 3 course sequence?

The 3-course sequence is a unique set of 3 courses (one each summer, fall, and spring semester) that are designed to give students a real-world experience with developing and bringing to market a medical device or technology.

When should I get my internship?

Internships may be completed either during the 1st summer session, or during the summer session after the program ends.

Will I get help finding my internship?

Yes - our Director of Industry and Community Partnerships can help connect students with potential internship locations. However, this is not a placement process; it is the student's responsibility to follow through on providing any documents required to complete the application, and to secure an internship that meets the requirements of the degree. Internship suitability will be approved by the Graduate Program Director.

I had an internship as an undergraduate – can this count towards the internship requirement?

Internships in the biomedical engineering field that were completed between the junior and senior year may be counted towards the internship requirement; approval for prior internship experience will be considered by the Graduate Program Director, and will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Can I complete the program while working full time?

Although this program is designed as a 1-year, cohort-based program, it is possible for students to complete the program while working. However, students in this situation will likely require more than 1 year to complete the program. In addition, BME courses are not necessarily offered in the evenings, so students may need to be on campus during normal work hours, depending on the schedule for that semester (summer courses are offered only in the evenings, to accommodate student internships).


What is the cost of the program?

Currently tuition for the program is $1,120 per credit, plus a $50 professional tuition fee (per credit). Please see the Tuition and Fees  page for up-to-date information on graduate tuition.

What financial aid options are available?

We offer 4 competitively-awarded graduate assistantships each year, which are worth 50% of the tuition cost. Graduate assistants will be assigned to work 20 hours a week with a faculty member. Assistantships are awarded as part of the application process.

Graduate students may also be eligible for graduate student loans. Please contact the financial aid office for more information.

When is tuition due?

Tuition due dates for every semester are available on the financial aid website.


How do I register for my first semester classes?

All new students will be registered for their first semester courses by the Graduate Program Coordinator. After the first semester, students will be issued a PIN number that will allow them to register online. Online registration for courses is done through self-serve (accessed through pilots.up.edu).


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